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A Southern Mediterranean city, Tripoli is the capital city and the largest city in Libya. Located in the north-western part of Libya on the edge of the desert, Tripoli possesses the remains of the ancient world. However, Tripoli’s business areas have thrust the city into the future with impressive buildings and a cosmopolitan atmosphere.  
Whether you are in Tripoli for business or pleasure, Tripoli holds a variety of sites that will keep you busy throughout the day. A city of 2 million people, the Tripoli metropolitan area offers an assortment of business services and shopping, as well as unique historic and cultural gems.  
Founded in 7th century BCE by the Phoenicians, Tripoli is home to a number of archaeological sites, some of which date back to the Roman Empire. These historical sites include the Assaraya al-Hamra Museum (Red Castle), the Marcus Aurelius Arch, and the Al Nagha and Ahmed Pasha Karamanli mosques. The Old City, also known as Medina, is a celebration of ancient Tripoli, and holds within it a number of historical sites and customs, such as open-air markets. The Roman city of Leptis Magna is located 130 km east of Tripoli whilst the UNESCO world heritage site of Sabratha is just 66 km west of Tripoli. 
Tripoli is an ideal business destination where travellers will find a diverse and busy business district. Awal Hotel is conveniently situated in Errebiya Elarbi Street, formerly known as El Meseera El Kubra Street, just off Omar El Mokhtar Street, where it is within walking distance of the Tripoli International Fairgrounds, and Tripoli's foremost business towers. 
A visa is required for entry to Libya. Visas may be secured via embassies or consulates. Please contact Awal Hotel for more information and assistance with getting visa for entry to Libya. 
Tripoli's climate is typically Mediterranean, with hot dry summers and cool winters with some modest rainfall. Summer highs usually exceed 38 degrees Celsius (100° Fahrenheit), while winter lows are around 9 degrees Celsius (48° Fahrenheit) in Libya. 
The Libyan currency is the Dinar, international code LYD. 1 Dinar is worth 1000 dirham. The current Dinar official exchange rates for Euro and U.S. Dollars can be found here. 
Electric current standards 
The type of plug used in Libya is the European 2 pin plug. Frequency is 50 Hz, while voltage is 230V. Please check with the hotel’s front desk to confirm whether or not you will need any adapters for your personal electronics. 
Official days of work and working hours 
The official working days in Tripoli and the rest of Libya are Sunday to Thursday, while Friday and Saturday are rest days. Normal working hours are between 8:00 am to 3:00pm. The hours may vary from one establishment to another. 
Libyan cuisine 
The main cuisine found in Tripoli is Libyan. Many traditional Libyan dishes are based on couscous, mutton, lamb and seasonal vegetables. That being said, restaurants offering different cuisines within Tripoli have mushroomed, and eateries serving Italian, Turkish, pizza and fast food food dishes are everywhere. Similarly, cafes and ice cream parlours are nowadays extremely common. 
One may travel within Tripoli by car (own car, rental car or taxi),. Tripoli International Airport is a 30-minute drive away from the Tripoli city centre. Awal Hotel offers an airport transfer service to our guests through our official partners AVIS-Libya. Please do not hesitate to contact us for bookings.