Hotel Awal


About Tripoli: 
Q: How can I get to Awal Hotel? 
A: From Tripoli International Airport one may order a taxi through Awal Hotel prior to arrival, or else our guests may opt to pick a service from the airport, however, this is not recommended. If you are renting a car, you must get onto the Airport Highway and drive on following the signs to the Tripoli city centre. Google Maps location of Awal Hotel can be found here. 
Q: What currency is used in Tripoli? 
A: The Libyan currency is called Dinar. 1 Dinar is worth 1000 dirham. You can check the latest exchange rates here
About the accommodation at Awal Hotel: 
Q: Why do I need to give my credit card details to book accommodation?  
A: Awal Hotel requires a valid credit card to guarantee the reservation in the event of a late cancellation or no show. The hotel can decide to pre-authorise your credit card to ensure that the card is valid and has sufficient funds as to pay for your accommodation.  
Q: Can I pay for my stay in advance at Awal Hotel?  
A: If you would like to pay for your stay in advance, kindly contact Awal Hotel so that we can process the payment transaction in advance of your arrival.  
Q: Can I pay for my accommodation at Awal Hotel with a different credit card than the one used to make the reservation?  
A: Yes, you can make the payment for the stay with a different card or in cash. Please ensure that the new card is an acceptable one.  
Q: Can I use a debit card to complete my reservation?  
A: Certainly, so long as the card is on the “accepted cards" list. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and Plus. 
Q: I do not have a credit card. Can I still book accommodation at Awal Hotel?  
A: Yes, it is possible to book accommodation against an advance payment via bank transfer. In this case, kindly contact us by e-mail so that we can register your reservation manually and send you our banking details. You can also send money through the Malta office of Western Union. 
Q: How do we make your booking secure?  
A: Your credit card information is sent to us through a secure server. We use the latest, most secure technology available, which encrypts all your personal and credit card details. The encryption method used is the industry standard "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) technology. Our SSL certificate has been issued by Comodo.